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You are just starting your yoga journey? Great!

Learn more about how to prepare before the first practise.


Yoga in Santosza Yoga Space is not dedicated to pregnant women and teenagers below 18. If you wish, write us a message and we will recommend you a place with pregnancy yoga class or teenage yoga. 


What do I wear? 

Take some loose clothes with you. Can be leggins or shorts. Also, wear a loose shirt. The most important thing is that your clothes do not limit your moves.

What shoes do I wear?

Jogę praktykuje się boso. Więc nie potrzebujesz żadnych butów. Cała nasza przestrzeń to "przestrzeń bez butów". Poprosimy Cię o zdjęcie obuwia po wejściu do nas. 

Do I need yoga mat?

Yoga mat is slightly different than a usual fitness mat, its adhesion is much better. But, if you don't have your own yoga mat, you can try one of ours in Santosza.

When should I arrive at Santosza?


Come to class at least 10-15 min. before the practise starts. So that you have time to slow down, change. Considering your safety and convienece, it is crucial for us that you do not miss your first 10 min. warm-up. So, when the class starts, in case you come late, after 5 min. we will not be able to let you in. 

How do I prepare for the practise?

Most important thing, do not eat at least 2,3 h before the practise. 

What should I pay attention to during the practise?

Breathe with your nose.

Try not to push your body in any posture. The sign that you are too deep in the posture, except for you feeling uncomfortable, is your shortened breath. Choose the version of the pose, shown by the teacher that suits your body best. During the practise, we encourage you to use the props (bolster, block and a belt) - it will make you feel more comfortable in asanas, especially during first few times on the mat :) 

Every practise is ended with savasana (relaxation pose). This is one of the most important part of the class. Please remain till the end of savasana to feel all the benefits of your yoga class.

Yoga practise is a very individual journey. During the class, try to focus only on yourself and your own experience. In yoga there is no such word as competition or comparison. There is only you and your own practise. <3

Meditation & Pranayama

In Santosza, Marta runs a half an hour meditation and pranayama (breathing excerises) practise. It will help you to calm the mind and connect more with your breath. You can stay on Meditation & Pranayama practise after asana class for free (Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays) 

Can I wear make up? 

If you feel like removing your make up for your own convienece, there will be natural cosmetics available in Santosza's rest room.

What about my hair during the practise?

You can just tie your hair so that it does not interrupt you during the practise. Especially during bends and revesred poses. 

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